Sunday 7 April 2019

New Version Numbering & Release Priorities

The upcoming release of Photoxor Toolkit applies a new version numbering scheme. The current version is 1.5.6, representing the traditional concept of major and minor version. App development tries to deliver often and in small increments. So there is no real case for a major revision upgrade to say 2.x.x.

The new version concept

Our new concept is based on the year and month of a release, optionally followed by a number in case of multiple rollouts within a month. Our next release will 19-04, and it's not far away!

When you look closely you'll note our current version is 1.5.6 (149). The number in brackets is a running build number, but not every build is released to production.

Our release priorities

1. Bug fixes

We recently performed lots of internal upgrades to increase speed of delivery. These changes unfortunately introduced the one or other issue. Our App runs on many different mobile devices and a number Android versions. That's a huge amount of possible combinations, and only a small subset can be fully tested as a representative selection.

Based on the feedback we receive, we'll fix issues as quickly as possible.

2. User Interface

Our intention is to improve usability and the look and feel of Photoxor Toolkit in a gradual way. With every release you will see some changes, and hopefully you like them.

Please provide us with your feedback!!

3. New features

There is a long list! Most releases will include some new functionality, or improvements to existing features. If you got an idea, please let us know! User requests always drive up priority!

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