Thursday 15 June 2017

FAQ: Filter Calculations and Accuracy

Neutral density (ND) filters are an important photography accessory. The Photoxor C1 Toolkit provides a calculation tool to determine adjusted camera settings when a ND filter is applied.

How accurate is this calculation?

The short answer: Yes it is accurate in accordance to the selected stop system.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Photoxor C1 Toolkit Version 1.6.4 in Beta - KMZ files, long exposure times, and fixes

We just released Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.6.4 into Beta Testing. This version brings you some new features and a few fixes.

Interested to explore them now? We continue our public Beta program for this release.

Please feel free to join in. Whilst our internal tests were very promising, there is always a chance that the Beta version might have some flaws. If you find a problem, please let us know to improve the release version of Photoxor Toolkit.

Enable your Beta testing here:

The new main features of version 1.6.4 beta are:
  • KMZ files are now supported to import locations.
  • Improved readability of long exposure times.
  • Filter screen: locks do not automatically open.
  • Edited configuration information (cameras, lenses, flashes, ...) is retained during screen rotation.
  • A number of smaller fixes.

Photoxor C1 Toolkit Version 1.6.3 Released - Additional fields for Camera, lens, flash definitions

Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.6.3 is available now; upgrade or download for free.
Get it on Google Play

The new main features of version 1.6.3 are:
  • Camera, Lens, Flash definitions now allow to store serial number, purchase date, notes.
  • Accuracy improved for Filter calculations.
  • A number of smaller fixes.