Tuesday 16 June 2020

Photoxor Toolkit - 3-dimensional ephemeris compass

Ephemeris 3D
Our Ephemeris calculations for twilight times, sun and moon positions are a long standing feature of Photoxor Toolkit. In addition to the 2-dimensional compass the upcoming release 20-06 allows for a 3-dimensional presentation of compass, earth, sun and moon.
To receive access to this new feature early, consider subscribing to our beta program now.

Please let us know your experience with Photoxor Toolkit. Your feedback will help us to continue improvements.

☹ In case you find any problems with the App, please send us a message, and we'll do our very best to fix. For your convenience, the App also provides a built-in Feedback function accessible from the Navigation Drawer.

As always, if you haven't installed the App - it is free - please go to Google Play and download:
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How does it work?

An important note for users of older Android devices: The 3-dimensional presentation is supported from API 24 (Android 7.0, Nougat) only.

Ephemeris 2D

Open the Ephemeris screen. At  the bottom of the compass rose you'll find a new 2D / 3D switch. Click for 3D. The first time, the download of the 3D feature will be started. You might see a confirmation dialog to acknowledge the download. Once downloaded and installed, the 3-dimensional compass is ready to use!

Another note: Please make sure you have Internet access enabled for download, and consider download costs. The package is quite large.