Friday 5 July 2019

Dark Mode in Photoxor Toolkit

The July edition of Photoxor Toolkit is available, and it supports the long awaited 'dark mode'.
Dark mode not only helps to save battery power. For us photographers viewing a bright screen during twilight can be quite irritating. Now just a quick change using the new 'Display' button on the Start screen to switch between dark and light modes!

The upcoming Android version Q will support Dark Mode at system level. For older Android versions we need to switch within the App (if supported). Photoxor Toolkit is ready now. Update to the 19-07 July release and try it yourself.

As always, please let us know your experience with the new look & feel of Photoxor Toolkit. Your feedback will help us to continue improvements.

If you haven't installed the App - it is free - please go to Google play and download:
Get it on Google Play

How do I switch to Dark Mode?

We wanted to make the switch quick and easy. The Photoxor Toolkit start screen receives a new Bottom Bar. The 'Display' button brings you direct to the display configuration page.

We don't want to reduce screen space; the Bottom Bar retraces when you start scrolling up, and is shown again when scrolling down.

First, the Start screen with the new Bottom Bar and the 'Display' button on the left side:

Clicking the 'Display' button brings up the configuration with the new selection 'Light or Dark Mode':

Now we can change between Light, the new Dark mode, or allow to automatically change to Dark mode on low battery:

Selecting the Dark Mode brings us back to the Start screen, now in dark:

This is the configuration changed to Dark Mode:

How do screens look in Dark?

Let's browse through a few screens with Dark Mode set:

And, a few Caveats

Until we get Android Q, we have to remember that Dark Mode is specific to the App. Therefore any functionality outside of the App remains in the original (light) mode. This is in particular:
  • Our Splash screen, when Photoxor Tookit starts up
  • Keyboard
    you might be able to manually configure for Dark mode, if supported
  • Some of the file / folder selections
  • Web pages, like Blog, About, Help

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