Monday 7 January 2019

Coffee Break - or - what's new in 1.9.2 ...

We didn't get enough time for any extended coffee break. Our new version 1.9.2 of Photoxor Toolkit has just been released!
Based on the excellent feedback from our users, we implemented many improvements to the tracking service and also some of the user interface components.
Let's have a quick look.

Tracking Service

Whenever you start tracking, a background service is activated to capture location data and store waypoints in the internal database. As per the Android system requirements, to alert the user, a notification is shown as long as this process is running.
Once the user stops logging, this service should stop and destroy itself. This part unfortunately did not work well so far. The service continued to linger in the system, even while not doing any work. Consequently the notification did not disappear.
With the upcoming version we completely reworked this background service. The location capture has been updated and is more efficient, and the service gets destroyed properly now. We reworked the presentation of the tracking notification as well.

Depth of Field and Chips

The Depth of Field calculations require Camera and Lens information. Based on a decision in early Photoxor days, the two DoF calculation screens were a bit inconsistent in how the camera and lens selection is performed.
We introduced a new presentation element called Chips, and use them to present the selected Flash, Camera, Lens, Print Definition. The Chip shows the current selection, and when pressed brings up a list to make a change. And like before, you are able to open the definitions.

Early Access - Subscribe to Beta

Interested to explore new features early? We continue our public Beta program for this upcoming release.

Please feel free to join in if you haven't already. But, please note, there is always a chance that the Beta version might have some flaws. If you find a problem, please let us know to improve the release version of Photoxor Toolkit.

Enable your Beta testing here:

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