Thursday 20 April 2017

Beta Program: Photoxor C1 Toolkit 1.6.0 - Time-lapse calculations and much more ...

A number of new features will soon be released in the upcoming version 1.6.0.

Interested to explore them now? We continue our public Beta program for this release.

Please feel free to join in. Whilst our internal tests were very promising, there is always a chance that the Beta version might have some flaws. If you find a problem, please let us know to improve the release version of Photoxor Toolkit.

Enable your Beta testing here:

The new main features of version 1.6.0 beta are:
  • A new screen to perform time-lapse calculations.
  • A new "Time-lapse Pro" package with additional enhanced time-lapse features.
  • Map screen: allows to cluster place markers in close proximity.
  • "Power Pack": 6 important extensions in one.
  • A number of bug fixes and lots of internal improvements.

Time-lapse Calculations

"Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. For example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, then played back at 30 frames per second; the result is an apparent 30 times speed increase." (Wikipedia)
The new time-lapses calculation tool helps to determine the correct camera recording settings for creation of a time-lapse clip.The calculation is performed in a few simple steps:
  1. First, define the length of the expected clip and the frame rate (FPS). The tool now calculates the number of frames (images) required.
  2. Following define how the capture is done. For time-lapse the capture duration is much longer than the playback. Once the duration is defined, the tool calculates the required recording interval.
  3. Optionally you might want to set the anticipated start date/time, and get the finishing time.
  4. Make sure your camera memory is sufficient to hold the captured images. Enter the approximate image size and get the amount of storage needed.
  5. Now setup your camera, program the interval timer with the shooting interval and number of images required.

Time-lapse Pro

The "Time-lapse Pro" extension enhances the time-lapse tool features.

Custom defined Frame rates (FPS)

In addition to the provided standard frame rates you are able to define you own playback frame rates for a most accurate calculation.

Named Scenarios

Did you find your 'perfect' time-lapse setting for a particular situation? Then store it as a named scenario for later reuse.

Graphical Dials

Keyboard entry on a small device is cumbersome? Then try the dial type data entry for duration and intervals. It allows to precisely enter in days, hours, minutes, seconds, down to a tenth of a second.
Also the presentation of the values is shown in this breakdown.

Map Screen Marker Clustering

Using the Places screen you might want to put a lot of place markers onto the map screen, making it very crowded ... Using the new function on the Map Screen you now can get place markers grouped into clusters, which expand as you zoom into the map.
Please have a try and let us know what you think!

Power Pack

A number of users asked us to make it simpler to purchase the additional features in one go. Ok, we added the "Power Pack", putting all 6 individual extensions into one. And ... it is not only easier, but also cheaper to buy all of them.

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