Wednesday 30 November 2016

Permissions Explained

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) introduced a new permissions model (see here for some information). When you run the application on Android 6.0 or later, permissions are granted by the user while the app is running. You are now able to deny particular permissions, and also revoke already granted permissions.
Please note that in case permissions are not granted or revoked, the app might not work correctly and is limited in functionality.
Starting with Photoxor Toolkit June 2019 release 19-06 required permissions are requested closer to when they are needed. Hopefully this provides a better understanding for our users why certain permissions are needed.

  • For example, when you press the Torch button for the first time, the camera permission ('to take pictures and record video') will be requested (is needed to switch on the camera LED flashlight).
  • The camera permission is also required when you use the camera based lightmeter function. Here an image is captured in temporary memory, the exposure (EXIF) characteristics analysed, and then the image is shown as a small thumbnail on your screen. Once the App is closed, this image is no longer available as temporary memory is released.
  • Or when you start location tracking the first time, the permission to access the current location will be requested.
  • The audio recording permission is requested when you press the microphone button the first time during location tracking.

Photoxor Toolkit uses:


This permission is used to:

  • Use the flash LED as a torch light
  • Take pictures during location tracking
  • Camera-based lightmeter


This permission is used to:

  • Audio recording during location tracking


This permission is used to:

  • Import / export and storage of configurations (for cameras, lenses, flashes, filters, ...)
  • Save audio recordings and photos taken during tracking to local storage
  • Import / export tracking paths


This permission is used to:

  • Location tracking
  • Show current location on map
  • 'Current' location for Ephemeris calculation
  • Distance calculation for Places
  • Advertisement

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