Tuesday 3 November 2015

Photoxor C1 Version 1.5.4a: Enhanced Tracking

Photoxor C1 Version 1.5.4a is available now; upgrade or download for free.
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Please upgrade to version 1.5.4a; it provides a fix to a crash in the Rewards screen and some other minor fixes.

The new features of version 1.5.4 are:
  • Tracking enhancements:
    • A redesigned Tracking Screen now provides simplified start / pause / stop controls.
    • A matching new Widget is available.
  • Filter Screen: Alert icon when result value out of range.
  • Filter & EV Screens: Now allows user to manually adjust 'locked' values.
  • Improved dialog to select the most appropriate location provider.
  • A number of bug fixes and lots of internal improvements.

Please read on ...

The enhanced Tracking Screen

This is a preview of the new tracking screen with two new round buttons to control start / pause / stop.

The new Widget

A new widget now provides a more intuitive control of tracking / logging to match the new Tracking Screen. One button is used to start or pause logging, and the second one to stop and save logging results.
The button presentation changes accordingly, and additionally a status message is shown underneath.
The 'old' Widget remains available, just in case you prefer the separate control of tracking and logging.

Filter Screen with Alerts

Filter calculations - in particular with 'Black Glass' - sometimes produce out of range results. Now Photoxor C1 provides you with a warning by showing a red triangle symbol. In this case please review your values and make adjustments accordingly.

Manually change 'locked' values

Locked values are now marked in red, and the lock symbol is also shown as closed. A locked value will not be changed by a calculation.
In the new version the user will be able to manually change a locked value! This can significantly speed up your workflow and makes usage of the EV and Filter screens more intuitive.

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