Saturday 11 July 2015

Photoxor C1 Version 1.5.2: Create Calendar Alarms for Twilight Events!

Photoxor C1 Version 1.5.2 is available now; upgrade or download for free.
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The new features are:
  • Create calendar alarms for twilight events.
  • Improved configuration of start screen.
  • A new notification mechanism to receive alerts on new application features, tips & tricks, interesting articles.
  • The default screen background is now all white color.
  • A number of smaller fixes.
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Calendar Alarms for Twilight Events

On your Ephemeris screen you'll find a new icon:

This opens a screen to select what calendar alarms you want to set. First check that location and date is correct. Then select the twilight times. Press ADD xx ALARMS and your chosen calendar will open a a prepopulated entry screen for each alarm event.

Best tick only a few alarms.

Maybe you want to create alarms for another day? Just change the date and create alarms.

Improved Start Screen Configuration

The start screen provides the visual entry point to the Photoxor C1 application. Icons give you a one-click direct access to application features. So far you were able to rearrange the icons to your preference.

Now you are able to configure the icons you would like to show on the start screen. To do this, open the Navigation Drawer. On the right side to each function a star icon is shown. A yellow star indicates that this function is represented on the start screen, a gray star notes that it is not shown.

No need for the start screen, but want to directly show your favourite function?
Remove all functions from the start screen (gray stars) except for one (one yellow star only).
Of course you can get back your start screen by just selecting more than on function on the Navigation Drawer.


Notifications are a new application feature. Look out for this icon:

Whenever new notifications are available, the icon is changed to red color. Press the icon to bring up the notification screen.

Most of the notification messages allow you to click and bring up more information in your web browser (in this case you need an active Internet connection).

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