Sunday 5 October 2014

Photoxor Tracker V 1.0 available now

With Photoxor Tracker you are able to track and record you path, visualize the track together with your favorite locations on a map, and quickly see what's closest to you. Record audio notes to quickly store information on your way, take geotagged photographs with your device camera.

Store your favourite locations in KML files and load them into Tracker. You are able to present them on the map, but also list in order of distance from your current location.

Select your preferred location provider:
  • GPS for the most accurate tracking, but depending on your device may consume more power
  • Network Cell information uses less power, but provides only an approximate location
  • Passive uses no additional power, but receives location information only when another application on your device requests it; good for background tracking.

A number of in-app purchases are available to further extend capabilities.

Are you are photographer, professional or enthusiast?
Then also have a look at Photoxor C1; it provides tracking and additionally photography calculations.
Get it for free from Google Play:

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