Sunday 28 July 2019

Photoxor Toolkit - Refinements

The Timezone selector makes available more than 500 entries! Just in case you need to perform a manual selection, we now add a filter function to quickly narrow down. This function is available in our latest download now.
Another good feature is available now: Assign a name to a recorded track.We also added some animation to the Tracking screen. I think this looks much better. Now available with release 19-08.

Please let us know your experience with Photoxor Toolkit. Your feedback will help us to continue improvements.

☹ In case you find any problems with the App, please send us a message, and we'll do our very best to fix. For your convenience, the App also provides a built-in Feedback function accessible from the Navigation Drawer.

As always, if you haven't installed the App - it is free - please go to Google Play and download:
Get it on Google Play

Timezone Selector

The Timezone selector provides a filter text field. Just start typing and the list will be reduced to entries containing the entered text fragments:

As before, Photoxor Toolkit is able to automatically determine the timezone from entered location coordinates. Just press SET in the location definition:


Name entry

You are able to enter a text note to a recorded track on the Tracking Screen. Either you type the text or use speech entry by pressing the blue microphone button. Speech works very well - have a try!

Available soon you will be able to enter a name for your recorded track. This can be done once tracking starts, when you stop tracking, or later on the Tracks Screen. Let's have a look.

After start of the tracking function, you are able to enter a name by clicking on the name field ("Press to enter track name"):

Type the name or use speech entry:

Now the name is shown:

When logging is stopped, there is another opportunity to enter a track name:

On the Track Screen, the name is shown on top of the track card. If needed you can edit the name, also enter names for older tracks:

The new Tracking Screen animation

We added a bit of animation to our tracking screen to better promote available functionality. Have a look at the video.

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