Monday 30 June 2014

Version 1.2 Released - New Rewards Systems and Customizable Screen Background

Two new features are available in Photoxor C1 version 1.2 now:

  • A rewards system, where you are able to collect points and redeem them with subscriptions to advanced application features.
  • Screen background is now configurable; choose between
    - the default screen background with logo inset,
    - a white background,
    - a background in custom color.
Download the new Android version 1.2 from Google Play now.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Version 1.12 Released - Fix of Startup-Bug

A new version 1.12 is available for download on Google Play fixing the startup issue.
Unfortunately Photoxor C1 1.11 crashed on start in some circumstances.

Friday 20 June 2014

New Startup Screen!

Photoxor C1 version 1.11 now opens with a new startup screen. Icons allow a one click access to most application functions. And even better, you can arrange the icons yourself to your personal preference.

In case you don't like or need this screen, just click the 'Don't show again' and its gone ... in the application Settings you can always change the configuration back again.

Upgrade now; we also fixed a few little issues.

Oh, sorry we got a little bug ... after installation of this version, the new startup screen doesn't show initially! You need to restart the application, or rotating the device might help again. Will be fixed in our next release.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Photoxor C1 Introduction

Photoxor C1 is a photography tool for exposure and depth of field calculations.

Use the device camera based lightmeter to estimate an Exposure Value (EV) reading, determine camera settings and calculate adjustments needed for a (neutral density) filter.

The Depth of Field calculation shows the near and far limits of sharpness, and additionally provides a graphical visualisation of the level of sharpness and diffraction. The Circle of Confusion (CoC) is automatically calculated from the camera sensor size, but may be overridden with a custom value.
The Depth of Field calculation also allows specifying the range of sharpness (near and far limits) and calculates the needed camera settings.

Download the Android version now from Google Play