Monday 17 December 2018

New Filter and Time-lapse features - Available now in Photoxor C1 Toolkit Version 1.9.1

Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.9.1 is available; it delivers:

  • Filter stack: Show exact calculated exposure times
  • Time-lapse: Calculate how may images can be held by a storage device
  • Tracks: ZIP files supported also for import
  • Definition lists for cameras, lenses, ..., now allow for multi-line Note entry
  • Places: A separation line between list rows for easier readability
  • Internal improvements and fixes

Filter Stack: Exact calculated exposure  times

Our calculations are rounded to the nearest value of the selected Stop system. And that's how we set our cameras for aperture, ISO, exposure times naturally. But then there is the special case in Filter Stack calculations, where the result shows long exposure times (Bulb). So far Photoxor C1 Toolkit did the same rounding to the nearest Stop instead of showing the exact values. And some of our user were rightfully concerned, are our calculations correct. We therefore now show both values, have a look at the new screen:

The timer will now run with the 'exact' time, in this example 1024 seconds (instead of 960):

For some more background information on Filter calculations and Stops please also see this Blog entry.

Time-lapse: Storage calculation

The Time-lapse screen received a little facelift in the Storage area.
Recommended by one of our power users we introduced the capability to calculate how many images could be held by a storage device approximately .

When you enter the storage capacity, make sure you use the formatted capacity instead of raw capacity.
For this calculation we use 1GB = 1000MB.

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