Friday 12 October 2018

Beta Release Photoxor C1 Toolkit Version 1.9.0: Tracking improvements

Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.9.0

Update: Rollout to production just started!!!

Beta Testing for Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.9.0 is still active. This version delivers:

  • A new Tracks screen to more easily work with recorded GPS tracks
  • Tracks are now stored in an internal database
  • A more smooth and accurate Compass
  • Notification of Blog updates improved
  • Lot's of internal rework and fixes
Interested to explore them now? We continue our public Beta program for this release.

Please feel free to join in if you haven't already. Whilst our internal tests were very promising, there is always a chance that the Beta version might have some flaws. If you find a problem, please let us know to improve the release version of Photoxor Toolkit.

Enable your Beta testing here:

Please let us know in case you experience any problems; we are keen to fix them before the production release.

Tracking Improvements

In the past GPS tracking was stored in files, where you had to determine the recording format (GPX, KML) beforehand and remember in what folder they are held.
To make live a bit easier, tracking is now recorded to an internal database, and a new screen provides a list of tracks for direct access. The features of this list are:
  • Newly recorded tracks are automatically added to the list.
  • Import GPS / KML files.
  • Share a track in GPS or KML format; more formats to come!
  • Show track on map.
  • Archive tracks you might not currently use; they are not deleted.
  • Delete tracks.
  • Select multiple tracks (do a long press on a card) for sharing, archiving, deletion.
  • Add a text note to a track (speech input supported).


Our Compass tool received some refinements, too:
  • It is now more smooth in its movement.
  • Correction for magnetic declination applied.
  • An accuracy indicator is shown, a good reminder when to re-calibrate.
  • A new compass rose.

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