Saturday 14 April 2018

Beta Release Photoxor C1 Toolkit Version 1.7.10: App Shortcuts

Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.7.10

We just released Photoxor C1 Toolkit version 1.7.10 into Beta Testing. This version delivers:

  • App Shortcuts for Android Oreo users, and
  • a few more fixes and internal updates.

Interested to explore them now? We continue our public Beta program for this release.

Please feel free to join in. Whilst our internal tests were very promising, there is always a chance that the Beta version might have some flaws. If you find a problem, please let us know to improve the release version of Photoxor Toolkit.

Enable your Beta testing here:

Please let us know in case you experience any problems; we are keen to fix them before the production release.

App Shortcuts

Android Oreo supports a great new feature with much more flexible App Shortcuts. They are now available for Photoxor C1 Toolkit.

These Shortcuts allow you to directly access Toolkit functions, even put icons directly onto your launch screen to open with one click only.

Try it out yourself!!

What to do?
Firstly, make sure that your device has Android Oreo (version 26), otherwise this feature is not supported by Android.

Perform a long press on the App icon. Then the list of shortcuts appears:

You can now press on one of the shortcuts, for example Exposure to directly open the exposure calculation screen.

Or you drag a shortcut icon onto your launch screen, to get additional icons for a one click access to these Photxor functions.

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