Tuesday 25 August 2015

HowTo: Fast Access to Photoxor C1 Photography Toolkit Functions

Surely you would like to access the functions of your Photoxor C1 Photography Toolkit quick and easy. That's why we offer you a variety of ways to navigate to application screens. This might be a bit confusing at first. Let me show you the different options, and hopefully provide you with a few hints and tricks.

Start Screen

When you start Photoxor C1 Photography Toolkit a screen similar to this is shown:

There are three way to navigate to a function screen:
  • Start Icons
    These icons are the quickest way to navigate to a specific function. Further below I explain how to configure these icons to your specific need! Please note that these icons are only available on the start screen.

  • Navigation Drawer
    The navigation drawer opens by either pressing the icon (shown top left of screen), or sliding out from the left. All function screens are available from this list.
    The navigation drawer is available on all screens and the list remains the same.

  • Toolbar
    The toolbar is more dynamic; it presents a few small function icons and by pressing you get access to some more functions.
    The toolbar is available on all screens, but the list of functions changes.

Which one should I use?

The Navigation Drawer provides you with the best overview of all Photoxor Photography Toolkit functions. It is quick to navigate, and available throughout the whole application.
Once you used the application for a while and know what functions you use most often, then you might configure your Start Icons. Remove function icons you don't use often, and add icons to quickly access what you use regularly. Then your key functions are just one click away.
The Toolbar icons are good to be alerted of incoming notifications, how many reward points are in your wallet, and to access specific functions related to your current screen.
I would recommend to experience all three ways of navigation and develop your personal preferences. Feel free to leave a comment below on how you navigate, what are your preferences. Is there anything we could improve?

Configure Your Start Screen

The start screen provides you with some quite powerful configuration capabilities:
  • Add and remove icons on Start Screen.
  • Rearrange icons on Start Screen.
  • Completely remove the Start Screen and replace with a function screen.

Add and Remove Icons

For each function the Navigation Drawer shows a STAR icon, which allows to either place this function on the start screen (star in yellow) or hide it (star in grey). Just click on the star icon to toggle.
Now you are able to configure your individual start screen.

Rearrange Icons

The Startup Screen presents a number of icons as shortcuts for access to application functionality. The default arrangement might not be the best for your particular usage, and therefore prefer to rearrange icons. To do this, press and hold on the icon you want to move. On this 'long press' an array of squares shows up and you are now able to drag the chosen icon to one of the squares. As soon as you end the drag, the icon will be placed on the target square, and the array of squares disappears. In case you drag to a square already holding an icon, this icon will be moved away.

Please repeat this process for other icons you want to rearrange. Separate arrangements can be performed for portrait and landscape screen views.

Completely Remove Start Screen

Don't want to show the start screen at all?
Then on the Navigation Drawer just select exactly one function, and the corresponding screen replaces your start screen.

New Version - New Functions - New Icons

A new version of the Photoxor Photography Toolkit may bring you new function screens. These new screens will be listed within the Navigation Drawer, and also a new icon will be assigned for the Start Screen.
In case the new icons are enabled by default, they are placed onto one of the free positions within the Start Screen grid. You are able to then rearrange these new icons.

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