Tuesday 10 February 2015

Photoxor C1 Version 1.4.7: Application Widget and Torch!

Photoxor C1 Version 1.4.7 is available now. Upgrade or download for free now from Google Play.

This version brings you two new features:
  • Widget: An application widget is now available for quick access to enable / disable tracking and logging, and also to switch on/off the new torch.
  • Torch: The built-in camera flash LED can now be used as a torch; a handy function when it's dark and you need to check your camera etc.
    (this function is only available if your device supports a camera flash LED)
The widget provides you with:
  • The Photoxor icon to quickly access the application.
  • The Tracking icon switches location tracking on / off.
  • The Logging icon switches location logging on / off. On switching off the log data are written to a logging file (as configured in Settings).
  • The Torch icon switches the torch on / off. Please note the automatic switch-off time, which can be configured in Settings. This function is implemented to protect battery usage and avoid overheating of device. Default is 30 seconds on time.
A new icon is added to the start screen:
Just press this icon to toggle the torch between on and off.

A note on the torch function:
Not all devices support the torch function, so please have a try if it works for your device.

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